In our dynamic environment, we host diverse startup incubators and accelerators spanning various industries such as Hard Tech, Health Tech, Ed Tech, Environmental Tech, and Fin Tech. But our vision goes beyond technology and innovation. We strive to foster an inclusive atmosphere where every dream is supported, ideas are valued, and endeavors are celebrated.  Through community events and civic engagements, we actively contribute to Miami’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

As a fellow entrepreneur in Miami, I empathize with the challenges faced by founders and small businesses.


The Problem

The challenges faced by founders and small businesses in Miami are numerous, and while there are resources available, their accessibility is diverse and disjointed. The existing ecosystem lacks a unified approach, hindering entrepreneurs in their quest for assistance.


Our Solution

To create a central hub that addresses these challenges by offering a wide range of services. Our goal is to bring together the existing ecosystem and provide a convenient one-stop shop for founders and entrepreneurs in our community. This will contribute to the growth of our city as a whole.